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Concussion Training

PA Child Protection Laws & Clearances

In 2013-14, Pennsylvania signed more than 20 new child protection acts into law [].

All EUFC volunteers who have “direct contact” with our players are required to comply with these laws. Direct contact is defined as the care, supervision, guidance or control of children and routine interaction (regular and repeated contact that is integral to the person’s volunteer responsibilities) with children.

Clearances that have been obtained in Pennsylvania since 2016 are acceptable and considered current.  Those that are older must be renewed.  Clearances obtained for employment purposes are acceptable for volunteer positions.

If a volunteer is arrested for or convicted of an offense that would constitute grounds for denying participation as a volunteer, he/she must inform the EYSA Risk Management Officer within 72 hours.


As a new system of registration is being implemented by the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA), ALL EUFC volunteers must obtain proof of compliance and upload all required documentation during registration.


Instructions and links for completing each required clearance check are provided in the sections below.  If you have any questions about obtaining clearances, completing the required courses, or uploading the documents, please contact our Compliance Officer, Erin Donovan, at

-  Free of charge for volunteers, as long as you check the 'New Record Check (Volunteers Only)' button.

-  You must create an account to obtain this clearance, also free of charge once every 57 months for volunteers.

NOT REQUIRED if you have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for 10 years or more.

-  This form must be printed, signed, and dated by you and a witness.  Once completed, upload it to your GotSport profile.


The Pennsylvania General Assembly, in 2012, passed the Safety in Youth Sports Act to help prevent the growing number of concussions and severe brain injuries among student athletes.


Under this law, all coaches are required to complete a concussion management certification training course every year if they wish to continue coaching.


This course can be accessed through your GotSport profile.  You can also launch the online course by clicking on the CDC 'Heads Up: Concussion In Youth Sports' image.  It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.


Following completion of the 'Heads Up: Concussion In Youth Sports' course, you will be provided with a personalized and dated certificate, which must be uploaded to your GotSport profile.

SafeSport Act

The SafeSport Act, passed in 2017, creates a “standard of care” for all youth sport organizations. This act is aimed at the prevention of sexual, emotional and physical abuse in youth sports through prevention training, prevention policies and mandatory reporting.


Under this policy, all coaches are required to complete SafeSport training. After the initial training, a refresher course must be completed annually.  This course and its refresher can be accessed through your GotSport profile.  You will need to create a profile or log-in to the SafeSport website.  You can also access this course by simply clicking on the SafeSport image.

This online course is integrated within the coach’s registration process. The SafeSport Trained certificate earned upon completion will automatically be added to your volunteer profile when completed through US Soccer Connect.

This training will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

*All coaches should review the EUFC Coaches Manual prior to the initial coaches meeting. You can find the manual in PDF format on our 'Coaching Resources' page of this website or by clicking HERE.

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