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Game Day Checklist

Contact opposing coach. Confirm game time, get directions to the field, confirm uniform colors. If colors are the same the Home team changes.

Hand out directions to the field and game time information to your team.

Game Day

1. Bring ice and a First Aid kit.

2. Arrive 30 - 45 minutes before game time.

3. Home coach check the field for corner flags, nets are fastened and goals are anchored.

4. Have 2 copies of your roster form completed with players names and uniforms.

5. Have with you the team's medical release forms.

6. Have coaches passes available to present to the Referee. (2 coaches on the sideline U11 and up, 3 coaches U9 and U10)

7. Have player passes available for travel teams.

8. Each coach pay 1/2 Referee fee in Cash$ before the game.

9. Each team is to provide 1 linesperson to assist the Referee in calling out of bounds.

10. Home team provides game ball.

11. Make sure your Keeper shirt is a different color from both teams colors.

12. If No referee is there for your game: Between you and the other coach, please find a mutually agreed upon person. You should offer to pay this person per half (in case the referee comes late.)

During the Game

1. Demonstrate proper conduct and sportsmanship towards opposition and Referee.

2. You are responsible for your players conduct and the conduct of your fans.

3. Keep your comments and instructions to your players positive.

4. Be prepared for injuries.

After the Game

1. Congratulate the opposing team and thank the referee.

2. Get your official score card signed and returned with player passes from the referee.

3. Keep your post game talk short and positive. This is not the time to discuss mistakes observed during the game.

4. Report the score to to the league through the website link provided by the league.

5. If any comments are warranted, good or bad, about the refereeing complete a referee evaluation form and send it to RBJSL. Do not confront the Referee about a call you disagreed with. Please send a copy to our Games Commissioner and Boys/Girls Director.

6. If no referee showed up for the game report this to our Game Commissioner.

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